JT Powder Coat & Media Blasting

10 times stronger than any conventional paint.

                                               Blasting & Powder Coat


There will be an extra powder and set up fee of $52.00 for any: Custom, Metallic, Pearls, & Texture Colors. (Clear Coat included)

Custom colors that must be ordered.  3 to 6 day turn around on parts.

In house colors change all the time.  1 to 3 day turn around on parts.

For a updated list. Look to the lower right of this page.

Note: Extra fees apply for any Custom Masking / Tapeing.

Call Us Today, For Any Other Prices Not Listed.

         Motorcycle / Quad Frames:

     One Solid Coat, In house Colors Only, Blasted & Coated.

Harley Frame--$250

Riged Frame--$250

Sport Bike Frame--$240

Standard Tube Frame--$250

Quad/Four wheeler Frame--$330


Motorcycle Parts:

One Solid Coat, In house Colors Only, Blasted & Coated.

Gas Tank--$85 +

Fenders--$100--$175 (set of 2)

Risers--2"- 6" $45-- 7" and up $55/set

Strait Bars-- $45

Ape Handle Bars--$65---(currently chromed)--$75


Forks (Disassembled)--$115--$200

Swing arm--$65

Shocks-- $45ea ( Disassembled)

Spings-- $45ea

Headlight Housing--$25--(currently chromed)--$40

Foot Pegs--(Disassembled)--$45

Chain Guards--$30

Side Covers--$95 a pair

Motorcycle Rims & Hubs:   

One Solid Coat,In house Colors Only, Blasted & Coated. 

Hub & Outer Rim (disassembled)

1 Rim and Hub-- 120

2 Rims and Hubs-- $225           

Spokes--$1 per spoke

                 Motorcycle Mag Wheels

All Sizes Blasted and One Solid house Color Coat

1 Mag --  $90

2 Mags -- $170


One Solid Coat, In house Colors Only, Blasted & Coated.

20" Bmx/Freestyle Frames--$125

20" Rims & Hubs--$45ea (Disassembled)

Handle Bars--$25

Pedals--$25 (per set)

Brakes--$25 (per set)

1 Piece Crank--$25

3 Piece Crank--$45

10 Speed/Mountain Bike Frame--$150

24"-- 28" Rims & Hubs $45ea (disassembled)

Car Parts

One Solid Coat, In house Colors Only, Blasted & Coated.

A- arms--$85

Air cleaner pan--$35

Air cleaner lid--$30

Battery Box--$35

Battery Tray --$30

Bolt Head--$2ea after 10 $1ea

And nuts






Brake Calipers 2pc-- $120

Brake Backing Plate--$30ea

Carburetor--$75 (disassembled)

Coil Springs--$35ea

Control Arm--$30

Fan Shroud--$55


Fuel Rail--$20

Headlight Buckets--$25ea

Headlight Rings--$15ea

Hood Hinge--$50

Hood Latch--$25



Hub Caps (Metal) $35ea

Intake Manifold--$95

Intake Piping--$2 per inch

Intercooler Piping--$2 per inch

Lug Nuts--$1ea

Oil Pan--$70


Under 4" dia. --$20

Over 4" dia. --$25


Timing Cover--$30

Transmission Case--$125--$160

Transmission cover-- $45

Transmission Pan--$50

Turbo Compressor Housing--$105

          Valve Covers:

Inline 4--$70

Inline 6--$80

V-6 --$90 a pair

V-8 --$90 a pair

Custom lettering add $20


Water Pump--$40

Windshield Wiper Arms--$30 a pair


12" -----$50ea           17" ----$65ea

13" -----$50ea           18" ----$65ea

14" -----$50ea            19"----$95ea

15" -----$65ea            20"----$95ea

16" -----$65ea            22"----$105ea

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